Lovely animal. Lots of greens and blacks on the frontpage of my blog at the moment, aren’t there? I quite like it. Usually, if I check out the frontpage, there’s some sort of theme going on. It’s way nicer than the individual posts on their own.

But this is actually more of an excuse to post something about:

  1. How I’m way too proud of installing a visitors map/button on this blog, in the colours I want and where I want. (It’s on the bar at the left side, below the rhino and my ‘motto’ and above all of the links.) Could you pretty-please-with-a-cherry-on-top take a look here again? I’d love to get some more people on that map. (Currently it’s only me, that’s got to change!)
  2. That I’ve finally got my TARDIS cursor to work, which I love. (Seriously, check it out, it’s so great. And yes, me being a Whovian might be one of the reasons that I’m not posting a lot at the moment. I’m sorry. All of the fan-blogs are so great and so very good time-wasters. Maybe I should make one too, haha.)
  3. That as of today, I’ve got 75 followers! That’s something of a special number. Thank you all, I’m genuinly surprised that that many people are interested in what I post. (When I first started blogging I was surprised I even got one follower!)

So, that’s about the most I’ve typed in one post for as long as I’ve had this blog, so I’m going to stop now, 


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